The master computer is a comprehensive tool. It organizes an entire plant, digitizes production and its pre- and post-processing and enables extensive automation. Obviously, only very few people make full use of our software. The MES Academy is designed to counteract this fact, regardless of whether you are a long-time MES customer or want to get started with your new master computer. The MES Academy is the platform for further training in the field of master computers. Three thematic blocks cover software basics, system-specific content and advanced skills.

How to register for the MES Academy, powered by RIB:

Step 1:
Choose one of the three main topics: MES Basics, MES Factory and MES Specials.
Step 2:
Within the main topic, browse through the possible sessions and select the ones you would like to learn more about.
Step 3:
Based on the sessions choose the month that is best for you. Each main topic and its sessions reoccur ever quarter.
Step 4:
Complete the form at the beginning of the page. After that, we will get into contact with you.

Dates & Content

The content of the MES Academy is reoccuring every quarter. The main topics are: MES Basics - providing basic user trainings; MES Factory - containing experienced features of RIB MES; MES Specials - sessions for advanced MES user. For more details please download the topic overview via the link below.

The MES Academy takes place every last Thursday and Friday of each month in 2024. At each day there are a couple of sessions scheduled. For more details about the dates and schedules please download the schedule overview via the link below.

Download Topic Overview
Download Schedule Overview